In February 2018 we took an hour long mixed bill showcase to VAULT festival. It had Marion Burge, Alice Devlin, Michael Julings, Lewis Blomfield and Michael Clarke in it and had guest performances from Ben Target, Kat Bond and Lisa Berg, with music from Laura Schuller and Luke Withecombe. Artists Frances Stanfield and Klaus-is-koming provided live artwork.
It was made possible by stage management by Liv Marshall and the kind people of VAULT festival.

Seb Chaloner designed the rad poster.

It was widely ignored by the press but panned by one establishment known as To-Do-List.  A man from there quoted Mark Kermode and remarked that we were clearly all enjoying ourselves thoroughly but the best thing about our show was that we didn’t outstay our welcome.
2.5 stars. A good attempt we thought.

Here are some photos of the event taken by Matthew Highton.