Annual Songs Contest

We host an annual one off comedy songs contest, musical comedians compete with original songs, a bespoke moblile voting system built by Foxdog Studios and all the drama of a Eurovision final! in 2023 we took it all the way to The Clapham Grand where it found it’s spectacualr home!

Starting in 2020 when Eurovision was cancelled due to Covid-19. We partnered with NextUp to create a live streamed comedy songs contest which was watched by over 3,000 people.

Our second live stream followed on NextUp’s platform in 2021, and since 2022 we’ve produced a live show with comics and musicians performing unique original songs with live audience voting and results show with all the drama of the real Grand Final! 

Comedy X Eurovision 2023 - Clapham Grand

In 2023 we upped the ante and brought a re-freshed Comedy X Eurovision to the iconic Clapham Grand! 

Euro Isioñ 2022 - LIVE!

In 2022 we brought our live stream to life at 21Soho in central London. Sam Lake hosted twelve new acts performing live, Olga Koch & Rajiv Karia triumped, representing ‘The Comment’s Section’.
Shelf were once again thwarted but vowed to return next year. 

Euro Isioñ 2021

In 2021 we we partnered with NextUp to stream the contest live on their platform. Jazz Emu was our winner with his incredible entry ‘Funkbot 10,000’. Watch that here ︎︎︎

You can watch a playlist of all the songs entered here.

Euro Isioñ 2020

Our first contest live on Twitch was a live streamed epic music video contest hosted by Sam Lake in our custom built Lego Arena. Twenty comics entered representing everywhere from ‘Birmingham’ to ‘Limbo’. Foxdog Studios were victorious repping Ducks with their smash hit ‘Visa Application’. Watch that here ︎︎︎

You can watch a playlist of all the songs entered here.


Red Moon Safari @ VAULT Festival

In 2019 we were asked by Brainchild to curate the second room of their ‘Red Moon Safari’ night as part of the VAULT Lates program. The show was headlined by South London’s Horsey and art directed by their singer Jacob Read. 

We built a creative chill out space with wall to ceiling projection, performances by Luke Rollason. art installations by Klaus-is-Koming, drawing games and a Piñata based on one of Jacob’s drawings. 

We also created all the animations for the projection, you can watch a recap video we edited here ︎︎︎


VAULT Festival 2018

In 2018 we produced a one off comedy showcase for VAULT Festival in London. We’ll never truly know what happened that night but we dressed up as star nosed moles and dug to the centre of the Earth. 

Ben Target, Kat Bond, Lisa Berg, Michael Clarke, Laura Schuller and Luke Withecombe performed a cabaret with Piñata players Lewis Blomfield, Marion Burge, Alice Devlin and Michael Julings. 

Artists Frances Stanfield and Klaus-is-Koming provided a life drawing class and drawing games mid show. 

The poster was designed by Seb Chaloner.


Gilded Balloon

We took a huge ‘best of the year’ mixed bill show to Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. 

Seayonce, Dre Spisto, The Establishment, Josh Glanc, Claire Lenehan, Jain Edwards and the Piñata players brought a late night Fringe spectacular with all the trimmings. 

The show was included in Fest’s ‘Cabaret & Variety Pick of the Fringe’ and Ed Fest Mag’s double page spread.

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