P39 was Julings’ last show for a bit. He was leaving the country until the summer so he rudely kicked everyone else off stage and hosted the entire show. Unbelievable.

ELLIE WESTBROOK played accordian with MJ to open the show with the unnofficial Piñata theme song. We watched an instructional video on how to wear hats properly. ELEANOR MORTON kicked things off with some wonderful stand up comedy. Then we played a quick game of ‘What you sayin’ Dawn? Cos I can’t hear ya!’ with TERRY SEGMENT. Then SIAN CLARKE was picked up by a boy! Then ELLA THE GREAT as The Magic Man wowed us with plate spinning and a lot of blood. Then Julings sang a song about aresholes, then RAJIV KARIA made us laugh with jokes about hipsters, then YORKSHIRE MAN made a final appearance. Then BEN TARGET & ANDY BARR had a nice off, it was nice. Then JULINGS sang a song about bubbles in some latex pants. Then FRISKY THEATRE invited us to sing and dance and join a cult at their Sleepover Club. Then, JIMMY SLIM & LEWIS BLOMFIELD had a wheely good time as angry cyclists, then DARTH MAUL appeared and sang a Lemonheads cover, then HUGE DAVIES appeared to round off the night and we all sang Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes calmly. THEN, we said bye to Julings with a nice video made by Jim, sang S Club 7 and smashed a butt plugg to smithereens until sweets came out.

made the poster.
Your Piñata players were MICHAEL JULINGS, ALICE DEVLIN, ELLIE BW, JIM SLIM, LEWIS BLOMFIELD & SIAN CLARKE. JOE DUNN shot some very ñice footage.

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