After a break for Omicron Covid in Jan we were back at the Nun’s for an all time classic.

The show was introduced by Airblade, a former Dyson hand dryer, brought to life by Elon Musk’s tech. He just wants to be touched. Lewis was Pappy O’Flaniel, a Texan politician asking for your vote to be the mayor of Nunhead, because the show was a robot themed. Kate Cheka got the lol cogs in motion with some sparkling stand up.  FROG Bakery introduced the raffle to raise money to open their new bakery in Camberwell. Andy Barr had read the assignment that was never actually given to him, but we applaud him nontheless for his binary gags. Lorna Rose Treen transported us back to the 1950s and ate 3 cigarettes amongst some sultry one liners that forced us to eat our own cigarettes (from laughing). Moses Ssebandeke came hard with drill from ye olde mediaval times. Ellie came on and pissed on the curtain for 40 seconds before using the audience to dry her hands. Should’ve asked Airblade. Teenage Elon tried to defend Airblade but it malfunctioned horribly and we all had to touch him and play Wordle. Helen Duff is back, she’s had a baby and she’s singing about prolapses down a loop pedal and bringing joy to all along the way. Foxdog Studios headlined, down from Manchester with songs old and new, their scanner couldn’t recognise Gary’s orb of a head and we sang along to their EuroIsion winning entry, ‘Visa Application’ and then smashed the robot until sweets came out.

Joe Dunn took the pictures
made the poster.