In August 2019 we took our first ever mixed bill show to the Edinburgh Festival Friñge.

Our hosts were Gilded Balloon, the pink pink monster so we were anxious but excited. We filled out a 160 seater theatre on Chambers Street which they called The Patter Hoose (downstairs).

The projector broke which made us late, but we plowed on regardless, CLAIRE LENAHAN opening proceedings to some level of shouting and screaming. YORKSHIRE MAN serenaded the baying crowds and made regular things slightly smaller. THE ESTABLISHMENT picked that energy up and ran with it by getting everyone singing  about dragons.  MICK n AL took us back to AUS with some NEIGHBOURS chat. TOP BODY BUILDER BRIAN was top, and a body builder and then JOSH GLANC rounded off the section with some crooning and sparkling of his own.

A break. A breather. A new projector. Thank tits for the excellent staff at the Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose, if that was it’s real name.

We restarted with the intro video promised at the beginning, we’d worked too hard on it. It got a standing ovation. We had BICCIES WITH THE GUURLZ then BUTCH PRINCESSA came and wowed us with her bisexual ballet, we played a mighty game of EGG CREAM or CREME EGG and a swedish man lost. Mainly because he didn’t know what a Creme egg was, being swedish and all that. SCRATCH & SNIFF performed their now infamous Snake Charmer routine, then SEAYONCE got all spooky all over us. We did some BLOBBIN IN THE WIND and some sexy EROTICA and then PECS finished us off with a pop punk medley which made Michael cry with teenage joy. An OSTRICH PISS PLAY PARTY ended the night, we smashed the PIÑ, and played that song Ed Dickinson wrote. 

WILD HOR$E$ played some tunes in the bar upstairs until 5am, there was a conga to ABBA and plenty of people spilled their drinks. 

FRIÑGE 001 ~ A success.

Seb Chaloner
made the rad af poster.