In March 2019 we did a show on International women’s day to a sold out crowd at The Old Nun’s Head in Nunhead.

JANINE HAROUNI  opened things up and was fab, TIBLO FLETCH sang us a song about her mountain of a brother, SIAN CLARKE took us to bro-town and back again. CLAIRE LENAHAN guessed all the drawings with tape on her face, KLAUS-IS-KOMING as David Peckham  showed us the meaning of sexy liquid football. MARY O’CONNELL was too woke for email, LAURA SCHULLER interupted the girls with a drunken toast and ALISON THEA-SKOTT gave us all her wonderful characters and sang laments as an oyster card and a passport respectively.

It was a hell of a time.

Alice, Marion and Ellie hosted and we all had biccies with the girls. Michael was at the back pushing the buttons, Seb was opening for KT Tunstall in Glasgow. True story.

KLAUS-IS-KOMING made the rad poster.