In February 2019  we put on our best pants and smashed them all the over the floor in front of another sold out show at The Old Nun’s Head in Nunhead.

Opening precedings was SABA HUSAIN who was keen to stress no relation to Saddam  and that Malala is way better if Kylie sings it. LEO MOHR yodelled and told us swiss jokes until Jim Slim hammed up his exit. CHEEKYKITA was a demagorgon in space and did lizard ballet. DESIREE BURCH popped up out of nowhere and gave us fifteen mins of sass gold. RYAN & GREG taught us to spark joy, pak choi and bork choi. SIAN CLARKE returned gloriously and still hasnt blinked. Blunk? Blinked. JIM SLIM and LEWIS BLOMFIELD barked at us to stay in our cycle lane and now we’re all on fucking YouTube. ELF LYONS made several entrances and talked about guinea pigs. 

Throughout the night piñ players Alice Devlin and  Michael Julings screeched earnest musical numbers, recited t-shirt sonnets, sang sleazy bubble songs and looked inside the dreams of cheese scoffing cat, Mr.Bolognese. Seb Chaloner pressed the buttons and designed the really good poster. 

EdWARD Dicks wrote the fab song.

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