In January 2019 we brought in a new year with a packed out show of angry comedians shouting at our audience forced to sit in the aisles due to overselling. Michael cut his foot.

DAVID McIVER as The Oracle encouraged us to touch his nice beared face in exchange for wisdom. POPE LONERGAN taught us that smoking crack is better for you. FIONA CLIFT brought us two characters from the community. LULU POPPLEWELL will be a star one day we know it. We transported 8 vegan sausage rolls from Greggs in Gatwick all the way to our stage via drone. LEWIS BLOMFIELD as The Marlborough Man handed out free cigarettes. ZACH ZUCKER as JACK TUCKER should think about what he’s done. LIZZY SHAKESPEARE as Danly Steele was the recruiters recruiter of the week. We celebrated Seb’s 30th birthday with some cat death. JIMMY SLIM as Ron Puter went right in to the main frame and KAT BOND enthralled us all with some emotional support therapy. Possibly for dogs.

Marbled throughout were your piñ poopers Alice Devlin and  Michael Julings, with some decidely ropey material and  Seb Chaloner pressed the buttons and made the gun and designed the really good poster.

Edo dickensian wrote the amazing song.