In December 2018 we hosted a Christmas party and it was a miracle no one was hurt with the sheer weight of content available.

BEN TARGET charmed us as he is know to do with paper aeroplanes without the paper cuts. MARTIN WILLIS made a very fine attempt to eat penguins. BETH CHAPMAN as THE HARTLEPOOL UTD POETRY SOCIETY enthralled us with rhymes of the union and the man. THE ESTABLISHMENT sang of George and dragons and fire and murmering. MARTIN SOAN wasn’t at all sober but still went to work on us, his congregation of lowly paint brushes. JIMMY SLIM delivered the speech from The Queen (HANG HEERRRR). CERISE REI took Onken to a place far sexier than you or I would ever have thought possible. LISA BERG was just an elf, standing in front of an audience, asking for a boyfriend. SAM & TOM read us a nice story and sang us a nice song. LEWIS BLOMFIELD spoke of gentrification, drag queens and back room coke parties behind kebab shops and JORDAN BROOKES made us all worry about him just that little bit more.

And between all that us people Marion Burge, Alice Devlin, Michael Julings & Ellie BW helped you sing a huge 12 days of the nativity and we didn’t quite avoid a sexy song from uninvited, horny red flea. Seb Chaloner pressed the buttons and made the beast and designed the really good poster.

EDWARD d wrote the mother fucking song.

The show was filmed by Joe Dunn, a huge thanks to Will Burgass for the kit.