In November 2018 we went chicken. Full chicken. Michael married a chicken and then ate it. Not on stage, later. It was delicious. 

We had Labour lovely CHLOE GREEN!  Co-creator of London's best night run by and for queer women, trans and non-binary comedians LOL Word!  Dr's ALICE & LISA taught us the seven clap method for fertility!!! LEWIS BLOMFIELD as Greg Wallace taught us that money truly is the answer and left us with more sweets than we could fill 18 piñatas with. The Wizwitch ELLIE WESTBROOK wiggled and jiggled and then got tired and killed an audience member. ROB COPLAND brought his sharpest and most impressive gospel choir of weird and wonderful stories, ELLA THE GREAT ran, swam and unicycled into our hearts and very skilfully avoided the perils of the slot at the back of our stage. HELEN DUFF was magical as always and will have a successful show on channel 4 very soon where people talk about sex and being nice to each other. We had a big ol' sing song with YASMINE DAY taking us all the back to the 80s. And finally, LUCY PEARMAN brought out the grape Macarena and we danced all the way to the piñ-piñata.

Us people Alice Devlin & Michael Julings were your hosts. Marion wasn’t there this time. Seb Chaloner did the tech and designed the really good poster.

Ed Dicko wrote the lush song.