In October 2018 we celebrated our 25th show.

It was a cracker. We had the stand up comedy of HANNAH PLATT!!! Yoga & pints with SIAN CLARKE!!! Flex and jest with CERISE ALLURE!!! MR FRUIT SALAD was confusing. We had sex ed through dance with FRISKY theatre!!! JIMMY SLIM was Danny Long Legs!!! Man go slurp with TRINIDAD & TOOGAYTHO!!! And the rock n roll IT tech magic of FOXDOG STUDIOS all the way from Manchester town in the north.

Mick n Al performed some gentle soap comedy sketches with bad accents. MJ sang a song about a baby. The Piñata was a big blimp and that got smashed to bits right there and then.

We raised over 300 quid for DIY space cos it needed help. Bloody London.

Ed Dicko wrote the damn song.

Seb Chaloner designed the rad poster.

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